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Компания Konami анонсировала новую игру серии Silent Hill . Как выяснил Gamebomb.ru, создатели серии решили дать фанатам еще один шанс возненавидеть издателя. Посмотреть дебютный ролик новой игры можно здесь . Новая игра серии под названием Final...

The only thing Konami hates more than you is Silent Hill… Silent Hill is renowned for a perfectly crafted horror atmosphere, after all. If you know your Silent Hill, the above trailer attempts to pull you in by tugging on yourOf course, the pachinko machine doesn’t have much to do with SH2, other than reminding you how much Konami must hate it for doing this to it. Silent Hill Returns... as a Slot Machine! | Gamerz Unite PT was removed, Silent Hills was canceled, and gamers everywhere mourned. But it wasn’t enough for Konami to ruin our hopes for Silent Hill—they had go to ahead and pee on the shattered remains.It’s a Silent Hill 2 themed pachinko-slot machine. Konami собирается выпустить игровой автомат по Silent … Полностью непонятно, что именно творится в головах у боссов Konami, но своими последними действиями они словно бы пытаются аккумулировать ненависть всех игроков планеты, за исключением офисных работников, предпочитающих исключительно мобильные развлечения. The new Silent Hill game will have fans in tears | WIRED…

There’s a new Silent Hill! It was just announced! Yay! But wait. Don’t get your hopes up, because they will be crushed.The newly announced Silent Hill is for pachinko-slot machines. Why? Because Konami.

With the infamous event that occurred between Konami and Kojima still bothering many fans of the extremely famous and influential Silent Hills PT demo, due to its cancellation, a question was left unanswered. Why won't Konami give up or sell the rights for Silent Hill to Kojima so he can finish the game they refuse to make?. We may finally have an answer. On March 19th, the company Konami Konami Slots - Play Free Konami Slot Machines Online

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There’s a new Silent Hill! It was just announced! Yay! But wait. Don’t get your hopes up, because they will be crushed. The newly announced Silent Hill is for pachinko-slot machines. Why ... 【PV】パチスロ「サイレントヒル」プロモーションムービー - YouTube The Silent Hell That Is Konami (The Jimquisition) - Duration: ... Robbie the Rabbit appearances in Silent Hill and other games - Duration: ... Hitler reacts to the silent hill slot machine ... Konami | Silent Hill Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Silent Hill (pachislot) In 2015, Konami licensed the Silent Hill pachislot machine, developed by TAKASAGO. The game is based on the plot of Silent Hill 2. It received mixed reviews from fans who felt that the project was disrespectful to the franchise. Trivia

Konami finally reveals Silent Hill... the slot machine game ...

Компания Konami зарегистрировала новую торговую марку Silent Hill за пределами Японии. Внимание на это обратили пользователи форумов ResetEra. К сожалению, поводов для радости мало: новый торговый знак... Konami Isn't Dying Without Kojima And 'Silent Hills' Indeed, the cancellation of Silent Hills may be a disaster from a consumer standpoint, but we don't know that it is for a business like Konami.Konami isn't just a video game company, after all. They also make slot machines, arcade machines, run fitness and health centers, and sell health products.